Xiaomi Mi MIX 3’s Front Panel Leaks, Confirms Notchless Design

haha, no offence but what your saying is completely innacurate.

I have used the nexus 7 extensively, I have also used it side by side with both the iPhone 5 and ipad. JB still lags especially when heavy content web pages are loaded in chrome and various other instances around the OS. Nothing you can say will convince me other wise as I have direct 1st hand experience. iOS provides a more fluid experience and more polished transitional effects, as I said only a fan boy would dispute this as I have seen it in action many many times.

1. Where is the evidence for the A15 smoking the A6X? I have heard reports that the SGX543MP4 GPU in the latest ipad is still superior to the Mali-T604 and that the A6X CPU core(s) aren’t based on a vanilla A9 or A15 design from ARM IP, but instead are something of Apple’s own creation. You have no evdience that A15 will smoke the A6X. As I said performance is likely to be similar.

2. You said it yourself the designs aren’t mind blowing. I was hoping for better and I think apples hardware will still look superior. As a designer this annoys me and i think google should be trying harder to improve their industrial design. Some may disagree.

3. If they launch with 32gb, then I will eat my words, I doubt they will though. A high res screen is great, but they are playing catch up to apple, a few more pixels is nice but whos to say the SAMOLED will be superior to the ipad screen? I really hope it is but I generally prefer IPS LCD due to the more accurate colour representation. Also there is nothing that ground breaking or original here, apple released a high res display, google responded. Again a simple fact, the n10 screen may well look better, but to emphasize it as some huge ground breaking feature is unnecessary glorification.

4. Yep I realise this. I also realise that this straight confuses non tech saavy consumers who might not know there are tablet specific apps available, and be given a poor user expereince as they download a load of enlarged phone apps. Again I stand by my point, calling it a ‘philiosophy’ or a way to ‘mask’ their lack of proper apps is a subjective argument with no right answer. But the mere fact so many people comment about the lack of tablet specific apps and the lack of an easy way to find the good few tablet specific apps there are tells me google are doing something wrong.

5. adressed already

Again misconstrued. I said at the beginning that i’m an android user i don’t own any ios device and not planning to. Android is still my OS of choice, so how can i be bias against it if i use it all the time as my main and only phone OS? I was merely pointing out what I thought was wrong with it and tried to demistify a lot of the myths that are spread around about the OS. Also I was saying I was a bit disappointed by certain aspects of the new leaked devices. I would like to see these rectified unlike some people who like to sugar coat the truth about android.

Source : https://androidandme.com/2012/10/news/leaked-nexus-10-pictures-and-benchmarks-confirm-specs/

Leaked Nexus 10 pictures and benchmarks confirm specs