Why Do The Western Media Always Fall Into The Hamas Trap?

The reason is the lazy journalists can’t be bothered to do their investigative reporting. Had they done so they would know that the IDF does not open fire indiscriminately. Rather, the snipers are under the command of an officer and each shot required approval. What is not known by the lazy journalists is the technology in battle conditions that enables the soldier to identify and pinpoint the terrorist individuals hiding among supportive civilians and leading them in their quest to get to the border fence. The IDF soldiers may not know the identity of the terrorists while events are unfolding but, with the use of technology, they can see how the battlefield is unfolding and who are the major operatives leading the charge. In numerous cases, the IDF units can see with technological aids who is carrying weapons, explosives, or items designed to breach the fence. Without divulging too much about the sophisticated use of battle technology employed by the IDF, it is possible to kill or to maim with accuracy to prevent life-threatening situations against soldiers or the Israeli civilian population they are defending and who are living very close to the border. That is why, days later after the frenzied shallow journalists have printed and aired their emotion-charged reports, the actual facts slowly emerge that the vast majority of those killed are identified as known terrorists. By then the anti-Israel damage has been done and Hamas declares a huge propaganda victory.

The gap between editorial output and facts was exhibited by the British Daily Express which portrayed Israel as baby-killers with the lurid headline, “Mother’s agony as baby dies in Gaza gas horror.”

The problem with this troublesome and gruesome headline lie was that it conflicted with the Gazan doctor who told AP that the baby in question had a pre-existing heart condition and that he didn’t believe its death was caused by tear gas.

Equally repulsive was the nonsense put out by The Independent newspaper. Referring to the baby’s death, it wrote, “In this context it is worth reminding ourselves of the worldwide wave of revulsion against chemical weapons we have seen in recent weeks.”

What has this to do with non-lethal tear gas? This was falsely explained in the article. “Palestinian victims deserve the same sympathy and protests as anyone else when their children suffer from gassing.”

Source : https://canadafreepress.com/article/why-do-the-media-always-fall-into-the-hamas-trap

Why do the media always fall into the Hamas trap?
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Why do the Western media always fall into the Hamas trap?