What A World Without Net Neutrality Looks Like

It’s more than that. It’s not just that cable companies and internet providers can keep doing what they’ve been doing. It can and will get much worse. You think your internet is slow now? Just wait.

Or you can pay the premium rate for faster service. Not the best service. That will be for the titans of industry.

It’s the party of less government using that false narrative to shove a different type of regulation up our asses. Somehow that deregulation policy only works out for the rich and well connected.

This puts a pretty face on it, or at least tries to. But any deregulation of any industry is never good for the average consumer in the long run. Whether it’s our food, our air, or our internet.

Source : https://uproxx.com/technology/what-would-internet-without-net-neutrality-look-like/