Watch: Another Full Trailer For Wes Craven's 'Scream 4' Unveiled


Ive been eagerly awaiting a fourth installment. I am a huge fan of all three, funny, for all the people who said they didnt like the third one, it turned out to be the largest grossing horror film of all time, which means it made more money than the previous two(scratching head). Anyway, i would love to see if Dewey and Gale really walk down the isle and if Mark and Sid got together, and also what was the movie Mark/Dewey and Gale wanted Sid to come watch? To be honest, i think the only and i mean only way Neve would do Scream 4 is if she is killed off in the opening along with Mark. Which i think is the best scenerio. In order to move forward and be fresh, this would be the only way. The whole story on Sid has been told, it's time to kick off a new story. I think keeping Dewey and Gale would be smart. Honestly they were truely only bit players in all three previous ones. I think it would be a great move to put them on the front burner now. For my idea, i think the title should be Scream 4 - Return to Woodsboro. The story idea i have is after the murders of Sid and Mark, the killer goes back to where it all began, Woodsboro. It has been 12 years since the first massacre, and the sleepy town has been slowly recovering, until.....a high school teen girl is brutaly murdered identical to Casey Becker was 12 years earlier. Now foward to the new group of teen friends, four girls and four guys. After hearing about the murder of the girl and getting the details of how she was murdered, they realize it was identical to the murder of Casey 12 years earlier. Fearing there is a copycat killer, the teens go to the police cheif expressing their concern, only the cheif refuses to take them seriously. Privatly he tells his closest officers to do whatever it takes to keep the details private to the main public, refusing to have what happened 12 years ago resurface. Not getting anywhere with the police the teens ban together to find the killer on their own, as one by one each teen friend falls victim to the killer, the remaining teens fight for survival. Now foward to Dewey and Gale. They are married with an 8yo daughter, Tatum, named for Dewey's sister. Living in Maine, they themselves try to keep a low profile still devestated over Sid and Mark's murders. Until the news of the copycat killings in Woodsboro draws them back in. They now find themselves back in Woodsboro, where not only will they have to fight for their own survival to catch a killer, but face the demons from the past. As for the killer? I was tossing around the idea of Mark's cop partner from the third one. Something about him gave me the creeps lol. Or another idea was the Carrie Fisher character in the third one. I forgot her name. She was kinda wierd too lol. Both seem like they would get into the whole copycat killer idea. Another thought was Rebecca Gayheart from the second one. She was the frat girl. She was a great killer in Urban Legend. She was kinda dark too lol. Any other ideas?

PatrickInGa on Aug 11, 2008

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