Warren Gerds


The "coldest game in NFL history" will mark 50 years this weekend.

On New Year's Eve 1967 the Packers beat the Cowboys 21-17 in what will forever be known as the Ice Bowl. Temperatures were around 13 degrees below zero.

WFRV-TV's Warren Gerds was working for the Green Bay Press Gazette when he got the opportunity to work his first Packers game at Lambeau.

"Of course when you go to an event you don't know it's going to be historical much less than 50 years later I'd be sitting here talking to you about it and writing stories about it," Gerds shared.

Despite it being the first Packers game he work, he really did not want to go.

"I was actually trying to get out of going because it was going to be so awful," says Gerds. "I was city boy I came from Milwaukee I was not an outdoor person."

The game was a frigid, but important one for the green and gold.

"It's the game everyone identifies with this team," says Packers historian Cliff Christl. "With the cold weather, the drama, the championship, the crowning moment of Vince Lombardi's career."

And it's a game that may have caused a bit of contest for its time.

"When the Packers beat the Cowboys prior to Super Bowl II, they were declared three-time NFL champions. That wouldn't of held up today, they would've changed history," Christl said.

In his time as a critic Gerds has noticed that for the past 25 years Hollywood has tried to re-create the icy 1967 New Year's Eve, but Christl isn't convinced it can be done.

"I consider the Packers to be the greatest story of sports and it's never been told by Hollywood," he says. "Unlike Seabiscuit ,story of the Yankees, story of Notre Dame, Hoosiers. I think that's because the Packers they have such a compelling story, it really can't be captured."

But maybe some of it can be captured.

Just weeks ago, nearly 50 years later, Gerds found the photo that the photographer he was kneeling next to snapped that day.

For him, he's happy to know he was a part of that game, frozen in time.

The Packers Hall of Fame is celebrating the 50th anniversary Thursday, Dec. 28. The NFL will premiere its documentary "Timeline - The Ice Bowl". Additionally, the documentary will air on NFL Network Friday, Dec. 29, at 8 p.m. central.

Source : http://www.wsaw.com/content/news/NFL-Network-to-air-documentary-on-Ice-Bowl-as-50-year-anniversary-approaches-466958073.html

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