Trauma: Jon Allerton For AFFAIR With Dan Bowker's Wife In Shock Finale Twist?

The tale of revenge in John Simm's searing new ITV thriller Trauma became even more twisted and disturbing in its latest episode.

The three-part miniseries is airing over consecutive nights on ITV, having last night been pitted against BBC Two's own new John Simm-starring crime drama Collateral head-to-head at 9pm.

However, Trauma was spared another Simm-Off on Tuesday (February 13) when it picked up right in the middle of grieving father Dan Bowker's (Simm) revenge plot against the surgeon who failed to save his son on the operating table.

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In the second instalment, Dan pursued his obsession with trauma specialist Jon Allerton (Adrian Lester) with ruthless precision, first getting a job in the same hospital where Jon worked.

Adrian Lester in Trauma episode 2 ©  ITV

That intimidation tactic definitely succeeded in making Jon a nervous wreck, whereas Dan's attempts to work within the legal system — filing a hospital complaint and speaking to police — didn't get him anywhere substantial.

Throughout the hour, many viewers were on a razor's edge as Jon started taking the law into his own hands by illegally surveilling every aspect of Jon's life. All of this even as police arrested a love rival of Dan's son for the actual stabbing.

It was tense viewing but the premise is still causing trouble (Warning: NSFW tweets below).

FINALLY!!! The murderer has been addressed but daddy doesn’t care about that he’s more interested in the surgeon 😂😂😂 #trauma

— 🎀 Vicki Grant (@queenvickig) February 13, 2018

#Trauma I can't understand how someone would be out to get the surgeon trying to save your sons life & not the person who stabbed him.

— Jacky "Cave Dweller" 48% #FBPE (@alswifejacky) February 13, 2018

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So we find out who killed the boy but fuck it, it was the surgeon's fault #trauma is pissing me off.

— Gregor Bain (@awaythebain) February 13, 2018

I guess even great actors like Simm and Lester have to do jobs for the money sometimes.


— Our Paul (@PaulWW66) February 13, 2018

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