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This thing is neat and all (I'm a sucker for miniature anything), but why would I "get bored" of the games on the official NES Mini at this point just because they happen to be permanently grouped together on one device? The whole point is that those 30 games are classics, so if people aren't bored of them after like 30 years of being on the market and have enough interest in them to buy them in spite of their age, then I doubt they'll get bored of those games to the point that they'll never "return to the machine" they happen to be stored on. Just my take on it, though.

Also, people can't be serious in thinking that Nintendo should have done something like this for the NES Classic. It's one thing to say how cool this thing is, but that doesn't mean that it's "better" than Nintendo's product. The two things are different and would appeal to different types of people, and Nintendo's system is clearly likely to sell more units just based on its ease of use. If this were a purchasable product it would mainly appeal to an enthusiast market, which isn't at all what Nintendo are aiming for. They're going after a market of people who are mostly what we think of as "casuals" who want to relive the good old days in a cheap and highly convenient way that's as easy to use as the games folder on their iPhones, which a miniature NES with pre-installed games is perfect for. It doesn't take any setting up, no messing with swapping media, and it doesn't take up a ton of space with its 30 cartridges, which will eat into shelf space on an entertainment center even if they are small. I mean no offense to the guy that made this, because it's awesome, but it defeats the whole point of Nintendo's philosophy behind selling a miniature plug-and-play NES, which boils down to little commitment of space in the living room, and little hassle to use it.

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