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Now that we've reached 100 millionaire interviews and I've shared their numbers, let's dig a bit deeper into what we've learned so far.

After all, that's the reason I do these interviews — so readers can learn what millionaires have done to become wealthy, then decide which of those steps they'd like to apply to their own finances.

I could have sliced and diced the information a million different ways (ha!) but in my on-going spirit of focusing on the big wins that lead to the most impact, here are 13 findings I think are worth sharing.

We'll do this in typical E-S-I fashion, focusing on what millionaires have taught us about earning, saving, and investing … then adding in other results at the end.

Also to note, these interviews/this analysis is not meant to be a scientific study. So before the market research readers begin poking holes in these findings, let me suggest they relax a bit and enjoy what we've learned.

1. Most millionaires have high incomes, but it hasn't always been that way

The median annual income of my 100 millionaires was $250k, much higher than what's been found in broader studies like those detailed in The Millionaire Next Door, The Next Millionaire Next Door, and the upcoming book Everyday Millionaires.

That said, millionaires do earn higher than average incomes in every study I've seen.

The main reason millionaires earn more is that they are great at growing their careers. They know that just a bit of extra, focused effort can make a huge difference in how much they earn over time (which is literally millions). As a result, they invest time and energy to grow their careers and the skills needed to get ahead.

Many nay-sayers will object to these findings and thus begin making excuses why they can't be a millionaire. A common example is something like this: "If some guy/family makes $250k plus a year, that's a no brainer … I could do that with no investment risk and free cash flow unless I was an idiot" (from my post titled How to Ignore the Basics of Personal Finance and Still Become Rich).

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