The Best TV Shows & Movies Leaving Netflix In April 2018

The second "Teddy Perkins" ended its first commercial-free airing on FX in April, I immediately restarted the episode and watched it again, a step I repeated the next morning and once the following weekend. While it might be edgy to write about the glories of some other Atlanta episode from its terrific second season, "Teddy Perkins" is just where it’s at. Hiro Murai's direction of what is, at times, practically a haunted house drama — Mike Flanagan's work on the "Two Storms" episode of The Haunting of Hill House could surely have made this list — is unsettling from frame one and yet it's also incredibly funny as an absurdist take on the price of fame. Even behind layers of makeup, Donald Glover, who also wrote the episode, makes Teddy a marvelously otherworldly creature, a product of warped nurture and also contemporary celebrity culture. He's matched by Lakeith Stanfield's expert slow-burn reactions. Whether it's the details in Murai's precise framings or the grotesque treat of the sound design work on that giant ostrich egg and its gooey middle, "Teddy Perkins" is ever revealing new surprises. — Daniel Fienberg

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