The Adorable, Useful, And Weird Robots Of CES 2018

While the world’s largest technology show took over Las Vegas this week and set the agenda for the year’s biggest tech trends, it also debuted some truly unexpected innovations — some wacky but useful, and others just plain strange.

This year’s big trend to make home appliances smart, for example, took a strange turn with two cupboard-sized devices designed to fold your washing ... and perhaps even remove some wrinkles.

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The FoldiMate is designed to fold your washing. What a time to be alive. Picture: Getty

The FoldiMate is designed to fold your washing. What a time to be alive. Picture: GettySource:AFP

Start-up firm FoldiMate showed off a non-working prototype of its machine that will cost $US980 when it ships early next year.

Users feed garments, like shirts or towels, into the front of the machine, and collect them in folded form in a drawer at the bottom of the machine.

“I started this journey with a humble goal to help out with laundry folding in my home,” founder Gal Rozov said.

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