Steelers Watched It Get Away

The Los Angeles Chargers have three touchdowns against the Pittsburgh Steelers so far in their Sunday Night Football game, but two of them have come with some of the most blatant missed calls you will ever see in an NFL game. The first came in the first quarter, on a false start by

Sam Tevi that should have erased a 46-yard touchdown. It did not, and the NBC broadcasting crew was utterly flabbergasted at that fact. The Chargers got away with murder on that play, but this one was almost as bad.

The Steelers, then leading 23-15, punted away to the Chargers and saw

Desmond King take the ball back all the way for a touchdown. The problem? He only scored that touchdown because of an inexcusable missed block in the back call. Watch the play. It sticks out like a sore thumb.


73-yard punt return TD for @blaqbadger14! #FightForEachOther

??: #LACvsPIT on NBC

— NFL (@NFL) December 3, 2018

If shoving someone from behind in the back is not a block in the back penalty, then what is? That is the very definition of the foul. The Chargers made their two-point conversion to tie the game at 23, but the two sides have not been remotely close in this game. The Steelers have led in yardage and time of possession the whole way, but the Chargers might be able to sneak out a victory that they do not deserve. The Steelers have been subjected to bad calls before, as

Jesse James can attest, but it has been a long time since the officiating in a game has been so one-sided against them.

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