Radio Host Apologizes For Calling Chloe Kim, 17, 'a Hot Piece Of A—'

A Barstool Sports radio host apologized Wednesday for calling the 17-year-old US Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim a "hot piece of ass" following her gold medal performance at the Winter Olympics.

After Kim won the gold medal in women's halfpipe on Tuesday, Barstool Sports commentator Patrick Connor appeared on the "Dialed-In with Dallas Braden" show on Barstool Radio's SiriusXM channel and made a series of inappropriate comments about Kim.

"She's fine as hell," Connor said. "If she was 18, you wouldn't be ashamed to say that she's a little hot piece of ass. And she is. She is adorable. I'm a huge Chloe Kim fan."

"Her 18th birthday is April 23, and the countdown is on baby, 'cause I got my Wooderson going. 'That's what I like about them high school girls,'" Connor said, referencing Matthew McConaughey's character in the film "Dazed and Confused," who pursues high school-aged girls.


Connor apologized Wednesday after he drew criticism for his comments, which a Deadspin story called out on Tuesday.

"Yesterday in a weird attempt to make people laugh I failed," Connor tweeted. "My comments about @chloekimsnow were more than inappropriate they were lame & gross. Im truly sorry Chloe. You've repped our country so brilliantly. I apologize to my colleagues & the listeners for being a total idiot."

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