Pressure Cooking Is Having A Major Resurgence; Two Local Experts Offer Their Insight And Tips

OK b1rdwatcher......I will assume that you are likely aware that agricultural production in our world is largely dependent upon the use of fertilizers, fuels and lubricants produced by and/or with oil and natural gas.........the production of which has universally involved hydraulic fracturing for over 50 years.

Since you surely must grasp the concept that if you reduce the supply of a necessary product of any sort while demand remains constant or at some higher level.....the price of that product will increase.

I will assume that you also grasp the idea that if producers of agricultural products (AKA food) are forced to pay higher costs for inputs used to produce crops (fuel, fertilizers, etc.), either prices will increase to enable these producers to continue maximum production.......or.......they will adjust their practices to compensate for market forces in order to remain solvent and whatever extent is possible.

To advocate successfully in favor of actions that will have the effect of increasing the price of natural gas and oil will have the obvious result.........prices of all products that involve gas/oil will increase.

In the case of agriculture, prices of commercial fertilizers will be higher......if that which you and the other "anti's" are advocating actually has influence over our society. Less extensive application of fertilizers (a much more restrictive point of diminishing return) and fewer acres of marginally productive ground planted will be the result.

We are fortunate enough in the United States that we probably wouldn't witness the starvation that would result from this. As far as food is concerned, the impact of your ideas would be felt in the Third World.....mostly in Central and East Africa. The suffering of higher food prices is always felt....most of these peoples.

What are your feelings about the whole idea of genocide? You should think about the consequences of what you and the other local "S.A.F.E." believers are promoting..........because there is no doubt that the net effect of what you are advocating will be death to people who are innocent and have done you no harm.

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