OG Reveals Replacement Player ILTW Prior To Bucharest Minor

The 2019 Dota Pro Circuit is about to kick off with eight teams all prepared to compete in The Bucharest Minor.

After setting the bracket through six different qualifying tournaments across the major regions, the second major of the 2018-19 DPC looks to be a heated competition.

The eight teams have been divided into two separate groups of four that will compete against each other in the opening Group Stage. This portion of the event will be spread out over two days with every match being a best-of-three between the competitors.

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The Bucharest Minor format #dota2 #dotasltv #BucharestMinor

In Group A sits the top seed out of China, Keen Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Team, and Gambit Esports. This group from the start looks like it will be the more competitive of the two, with rematches between several teams who have faced each other in events on the back end of 2018.

Group B hosts the early favorites in reigning International Champions, OG, EHOME, BOOM ID, and Playmakers Esports.

After taking a break from competitive Dota 2 following their victory at the International 2018, OG has gotten off to a very slow start in their 2018-19 DPC campaign. With the recent struggles to fill a gap in their roster and failing to qualify for The Chongqing Major directly, the team is looking to turn things around at the Minor.

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The top two teams from each group will be placed into the Upper Bracket for the playoffs, while the bottom two will be placed into the Lower Bracket. The playoffs will be double elimination and continue with the best-of-three matches up until the Grand Finals, which will be a best-of-five.

Teams in the event are competing for their share of  $300,000 and 500 Dota Pro Circuit points. At the end of the season, those points will be added up to see who makes it into The International 2019.

The winning team will not only receive the lion’s share of the prizes but will also be given the final invite for the second major of this DPC season, The Chongqing Major.

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The Bucharest Minor Groups & Day 1 Schedule – the first Pro Circuit games of 2019 kick off in just over 12 hours from now. Winner claims a spot at the Major in China later this month. #BucharestMinor #DPC #Dota2

The event will run from Jan. 9 to 13 and matches start at 2am CT when Keen and NiP face each other in the opening series.

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OG will try to spark their comeback at The Bucharest Minor