Nintendo Direct Mini To Air Later Today; Dark Souls Remastered To Be Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

@Banjos_Backpack "local multiplayer game or a friends only online component."

I was explaining it to my son - he missed the ND b/c he was in school - and he really wanted to play it offline with his brother and friends like hide and seek, just 1 on 1. We also discussed the possibility that like Super Mario Maker Nintnedo would hide a few balloons in each level w/ a timer to show us how it's done. That would likely be the best way to get leaderboards, for all of 15 minutes until the YT videos went up showing where they all were.

Just realized this would be a great way for Ntineod to bring back asynchronous or asymmetrical gameplay. Not that they should, didn't do Wii U any favors. But 1 person could hide the balloon in handheld mode, then dock it, and hand the Joycon to the seeker. Or really preferably the seeker could have a 2nd set of Joycon or Pro. This would also work in tabletop or handheld mode, one person hides the balloon then hands the switch to the Seeker. That actually works better than docking on the TV, but the TV would work better for more people to watch in a party setting.

Now I'm going to be disappointed if this is online community based only. Though surely since they brought in Luigi they'll let him hide a few balloons for his brother - meaning us - to find. I'm really not spending any time looking for or hiding any balloons for random people online, I'm just not that into it.

Guess we'll see. Now that Nintneod has had a Mini ND maybe they'll actually follow up and promote all of the stuff they showed us yesterday and not go quiet for another month. They kind of dropped Zelda BotW Champion Ballad DLC on us out of the blue as well and I wasn't happy about that either. I've just never been able to appreciate their take on marketing. Silence silence boom. Silence silence boom. I'm more of a slow drip build up big hype guy.

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