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Title: Gallipoli

ETA: 1 February

In October, Zach Condon announced that Beirut’s fifth album will be released on 1 February 2019, marking the announcement with a lengthy online post detailing the album’s inspirations and recordings. The first song released, the album's title track, was inspired by the town in southern Italy where the song was written, Gallipoli.

"We get out of the car and we just decided to go for a walk and in that moment we happened to hit a procession," Condon recalled. "We happened to walk in at the exact moment as the Saint was leaving the church, carried by a bunch of priests. Behind them was this frenetic kind of brass band… simultaneously every church bell in town was ringing, which just made for utter chaos." It was a night of both riotous celebration and inspiration: "The next day, I wrote the song I ended up calling Gallipoli, entirely in one sitting, pausing only to eat."

Musically, the album was based around Condon’s old Farfisa organ, on which he wrote most of Beirut’s debut, Gulag Orkestar, and second album, The Flying Club Cup, which he started writing the new songs on in 2016 (Beirut’s last album, No, No, No, was released in 2015).

The first chunk of the album was recorded in Relic Room, Manhattan, with No No No producer Gabe Wax. After a permanent move to Berlin – Europe had been calling – Condon decamped to Puglia, southern Italy, to record the rest at Sudestudio, amid "a flurry of 12 to 16 hour days in the studio, with day trips around the coastline and a steady diet of pizza, pasta and tear-inducing ghost peppers we bought from the chili-man in Lecce". Sounds like a spicy, heady album is coming our way.

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