New Kingdom Come Deliverance Mod Allows Saving Anywhere

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is out now and the super-realistic medieval RPG is already the talk of the town. Both for its brutally difficult nature and its many hiccups since launch, there's a lot of reasons that the latest title is on everyone's mind. To make it just a little easier, the mod community is here for the save!

No, we literally mean here for the save. This mod allows players to save anywhere in-game without using up those beloved Saviour Schnapps. We will say this though, and the modder themselves notated this as well: This is a new game, a game that is being heavily patched. When using mods on new titles, you are going to want to back up your saves in case a new patch renders a mod ineffective or twisted.

According to the mod's description:

"Based off the Steam guide by Reddit user EddieShoe and the mod by biosmanager, this will allow you to save your game without using any Saviour Schnapps. Basically giving you unlimited saves.

Please be aware there are certain points in the game (for example, right at the start) where you cannot save the game no matter what and thus, this mod will not allow you to save during these times either.

There are two version of this file. One where you still need at least one schnapps in your inventory and one where you don't."

How to download and use the mod can be found right here on Nexus, as well as a detailed list of known issues at this time. The creator is aware and actively working on fixes, and it can be easily removed if a player finds they just don't need it.

For more on the hyper-realistic RPG experience, here's a small blurb from our first impressions:

I’d probably be further into the story had I not loaded different saves to test how involved the decision-making actually was, a common RPG element that is surprisingly deep in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Starting with the poo-throwing escapades Henry’s friends rope him into, there’s a decision to be made on whether Henry joins them. Saying yes is obviously the more fun route, but after completing that, I hoped to see what the alternative was. While other games will inevitably force you into the same outcome regardless of your decisions, Kingdom Come: Deliveranceis fine playing out events whether you’re there or not. After telling Henry’s friends to sling dung without me the second time, they did just that. The whole scene played out without me taking part with all involved parties totally ignoring me. A similar situation took place when I punched a guard to see how much Henry could get away with, which isn't much. I was promptly jailed in the starting town (which earned me a trophy) and was met with a long cutscene that made it seem like something big was happening. Turns out, the town got invaded while I was in jail and everyone forgot about me which resulted in a fire that caused my death and a quick "Game Over." The world is cruel, and that's one aspect the realism element got right.

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