Neon Esports Tops Dota 2 Tournament

Gaming is something I will never understand or get into—not because I dislike it but because I think I don’t possess the physical aptitude for it. Those who are good at eSports, I believe, are gifted in terms of hand-eye coordination. I am, unfortunately, a klutz.

I’ve always thought gamers are cool and calm even in the face of pressure. I’ve been to a number of eSports tournaments and have seen how they conduct themselves. This I saw again during the recent Predator League: Dota 2 Finals, a highly anticipated gaming event in the Philippines.

The event, held at High Grounds Café in Quezon City, brought together four of the strongest teams in the Philippines.

Predator is a product series dedicated to personal computer gaming from Acer. The line includes desktop, notebooks, tablets and monitors for a complete gaming experience.

“The gaming notebook market has been growing fast and steadily, around 80 percent. Predator’s growth has been almost by 400 percent year-to-date,” said Sue Ong-Lim, sales and marketing director at Acer Philippines.

This is the second year that Acer is holding the tournament in the Philippines.

Four semi finalists—Alpha Gaming from Visayas; Neon Esports from Metro Manila; TaskUs Titans from Luzon; and NCGC from Mindanao—competed for the Predator League Championship title.

In the semifinals, TaskUs Titans won over NCGC, while Alpha Gaming bowed to Neon Esports. A well-fought championship battle was witnessed between TaskUs and Neon, where the latter emerged as the winners. Third runner-up Alpha Gaming and 2nd runner-up NCGC each won cash prizes of P20,000, while TaskUs with a second place finish took home a P40,000 check. Neon Esports received the P120,000 grand prize.

“The Philippine gaming community is strong and continues to grow tremendously. Acer Predator is proud to be a witness and partner to that growth. The Acer Predator League: Dota 2 Finals showcases the country’s best of the best in one tournament,” said Ong-Lim.

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Neon Esports tops Dota 2 tournament
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