Mineski Is Looking For The Next Players To Join Its Dota 2 Roster

In the Philippines, roster changes are a frequent occurrence, but this recent one came as quite the surprise.

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Posted by Mineski CEO Ronald “Rhom” Robins, this means when translated:

I am issuing a challenge to all those who aspire to become part of the Mineski-Dota roster. Don’t tell me stories [of] how good you are. Just because we’re close [friends/acquaintances] doesn’t mean you will be chosen. Show [that you are worthy] with results.

15 days from now, I will be spotting potential players from the Philippines’ top MMR players again and they will go on a trial period in the team. If you pass, we will sign you into the team with full compensation and benefits.

Let’s see how many Pinoy players will get to top 20 solo MMR.

I am looking for a support player who doesn’t need to carry in solo MMR to win.

That’s right. After moving Joshua “Owa” Dela Serna as the team’s sixth player and the removal of Gio “Gio” Ramolete from the roster, Mineski is now opening the last two slots of its Dota 2 roster to anyone in the top 20 solo MMR.

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This isn’t the first time that a top MMR player from the Philippines will be playing for a professional team. Pinoy pub star Mark “xLucky” Reyes recently debuted as MSI.EvoGT’s sixth man, and has been impressive thus far. Perhaps Mineski is banking on finding the same kind of success in the leaderboards of Philippine Dota 2.

However, while skill is an important factor in Dota 2, a player’s ability to synergize with other members is just as important in such a team game. This is something much more difficult to judge in a player, and it remains to be seen if Robins will make the right choices in the days to come.

What do you think of Mineski’s steps towards change? Let us know in the comments section below.

What do you think of the frequent roster changes?
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Mineski is looking for the next players to join its Dota 2 roster
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