Legend’s Tweet Fuels Her Quest For Volleyball Glory

After losing the heavyweight title to former U.S. Marine Gene Tunney only 364 days prior, Jack Dempsey seemed ready for his September 1926 rematch. 

Losing the points battle, Dempsey knocked his opponent down with a ferocious punch, but immediately forgot to get back to his neutral corner (a new rule at the time).

This supplied Tunney with an extra four seconds on the ground, and evidently, the controversial long count.

Dempsey would go on to lose this epic rematch.

The fight earned $2.6 million at the gate and was the first to even cross the $1 million mark. All the factors involved made the crazy ending one of the most controversial events in sports history.


Image via boxing.com

Source : https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1145336-the-200-most-important-events-in-sports

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