Jack White Discusses Meg, The Expense Of Touring, And His Future In Music

A noticeably frustrated Jack White expressed doubt over his musical future during a Q&A for members of Third Man Records’ Vault held online this weekend.

White, who recently completed an extensive world tour behind his sophomore solo album >Lazaretto, suggested that he’s unsure if another full-scale tour “is worth it.” He explained, “i’d say half the shows i play i’d rather not play. festivals for example. but i have to make the best of it and try to get inspired.”

“it’s hard when the people who organize festivals basically control my life … i have to book shows around their offer that i can’t refuse … it’s very expensive to tour … people think that’s how musicians make their money these days sadly, but it’s hard to on the road no matter what size you are … only seated theaters for acoustic shows for the rest of my days.”

“sometimes creating in a closet and never releasing it has it’s advantages,” White added.

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White was even more negative when asked a question about his current relationship with White Stripes bandmate Meg White, and whether they’d ever consider reuniting.

“she doesn’t answer her phone,” White said, adding, “that time is gone.” Asked what might happen if and when they’re inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, White responded, “doubt it, and doubt it.”

Asked if he planned to attend an art show being put on by Dead Weather bandmate Alison Mosshart in New York City, White answered, “i only go to new york if i have to, nothing feels special there when you’re creative, everyone feels like they’ve seen and done it all, hard for me to be inspired.”

White also railed against “click baiting” headlines from the media, whether it be about his involvement in TIDAL or being painted as “technology hating wax cylinder guy.” He continued, “everyone always plays ‘catch the hypocrite’ with me. probably because i often make the stupid mistake of having opinions and saying them out loud. it’s smarter for well known people to smile and keep their mouth shut.” Later he said, “when has there NOT been negativity about me?”

Perhaps most troubling, however, was White’s answer to a question asking “What is something we might not know about you?” White responded, “that i don’t belong here, and most of the time [it’s] torture trying to find reasons to stay.”

Update: In a later chat with fans, Jack clarified that this comment was in regards to his participation in the chat room.

@coslive Where can I throat-punch the writer who is grossly misquoting the Vault chat? pic.twitter.com/kczNIYONsi

— Ara Trask (@AraTrask) May 26, 2015

Hopefully White is just going through some post-touring blues. He himself admitted “nothing pisses me off, sometimes i pretend things do though…”

Source : https://consequenceofsound.net/2015/05/jack-white-i-dont-belong-here-most-of-the-time-its-torture-trying-to-find-reasons-to-stay/

Jack White discusses Meg, the expense of touring, and his future in music
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Jack White discusses Meg, the expense of touring, and his future in music