How To Make It Out Of The 2k MMR Pool,the Cancerous Pool.

Well,in order to clear the doubts of all the dota2 players about MMR distribution,here is a fact.

The total percentage of players above 4.2 k MMR in Dota2 is 0.1% of the total players.Half of the dota2 players are between the range of 2.2 k to 2.7 k MMR. So what basically does it mean? Only 0.1% of the players are good enough to be playing dota2? Players in the 2k MMR range are noobs? Should people even consider playing dota2 when they cant make it out of 2k MMR pool?

Dota2 is another game,people gain MMR not because of solo skills or better team mates but a complete gameplay. If you want to increase your MMR then you can but it will require some efforts and time.

So,if you are a player who is stuck in 2k or lower MMR pool then here are few tips you can use in your games to boost your MMR-:

  1. Picking a role-: The first mistake that low MMR players make is with picks.People in this pool generally don’t believe in others and they want to carry the game by themselves and the team ends up picking 5 cores.So whats the catch(1 mid,2 safe lane,1 jungle and 1 offlane). So what happens here is 5 farming cores,which is not easy as the jungle is limited,lanes have fixed creep and 2 cores contesting 5 creeps every 30 second is like fighting for 228 gold between 2 cores if the creep doesn’t gets denied by enemy offlaner it would be nearly 114 gold per 30 sec and 240 gold per minute.So basically the cores will end up gaining 203 gold per minute and considering the fact you are core hero and required to carry the game like after 20 minutes,it’s much likely that your net worth will be 4000+ gold and what would that get you is Power Treads for 1350 and remaining 2650 for your items,and the least expensive item that could be bought is Yasha with this gold.So later your enemy team crushes you and when 1 core fails so would be other,they both shared the same lane.
Roles in Dota2
  • Offlaner-: So when your team has 5 cores than obviously your offlaner will be expecting no help or rotation while in lane.So what happens is that after initial time of 3–4 minutes the rotation from the opposite team would lead him to get ganked and that would be him getting outlane. Once offlaner starts to lose lane,it’s like losing level to enemy pos 1,and a decent amount of last hits would surely make him stronger as the game proceeds.So eventually losing the offlane.
  • Midlaner-: The midlane is quite unbiased position for anyone as only 2 players are present and most of the times it depends upon your solo skill to win the lane but what if enemy pos 4 starts to interrupt your lane and you are being ganked multiple times within a period of 6 minutes than you eventually get zone out and lose mid.
  • Jungler-: When your team is losing all the lanes than it is quite obvious that the enemy supports will roam ,search you and hunt you down.So whats the point of being a jungler when you don’t have map control.Eventually your jungle gets compromised too.

2. What to pick for Core role-: People at low MMR generally want to play heroes like Anti Mage,Phantom Assassin,Invoker,Shadow Fiend,Legion Commander,Sniper,Drow Ranger,Ember Spirit.So what’s the problem with these picks?. It does seem like not a big problem but some of these players requires high skills to play,some are situational and while most of them are too easy to counter at any point of the game.People really doesn’t seem to care if even they pick according to the other core.Suppose if a team picks Anti Mage as pos 1 player,then they need to understand that Anti Mage needs farm and it won’t be possible for hi to join team fights before he gets Battle fury and manta style,so what they need is an aggressive mid laner who can push towers really fast,so that enemy team concerns is shifted towards the mid and not ganking Anti Mage and he can have a free and safe farming lane.The offlaner must be durable like Viper or Beastmaster who if given space can destroy towers very fast.Eventually this doesn’t happen people pick Storm Spirit,Invoker or Lina in mid who are highly item dependent heroes and will probably far like Anti Mage does and it will give enemy supports to gank the cores.So try picking heroes which can equalise lane with your other core.Same goes for Pos 1 player too,if the mid laner is a pick which is not so aggressive early game then he must try to take an aggressive core which have fast pushing potential.

3. Picking Offlaner-: An offlaner may seem to be of less role than cores of the team but they play a huge role in suppressing the enemy core to a great extent.An offlaner must be durable in order to constantly disrupt the enemy hero during farming phase.He must not be cautious about farming creeps but rather gain experience in the lane and when the enemy support is out of the lane or in rotation then harass the enemy core and push the lane too.He must not try to be aggressive and get himself killed as it would provide the enemy core with bonus gold and experience hat would eventually help him farm faster.So a durable offlaner like Nyx Assasin ,Beastmaster,Centaur Warruner,Legion Commander,Timbersaw and try giving the enemy core a tough time in lane.

4. Picking a support-: Not everyone wants to support,so try picking a support as you know going 5 cores is going rambo against the entire army and it’s sure you are going to get crushed sooner or later.So pick support if no one does.Try supporting your team buy wards,dust(if required),supporting items as they highly help your team to farm freely and more properly without the fear of getting ganked and farming fast.Utility items such as mekansm,Gimmers Cape,Pipe of Insight help a lot during team fights and probably win the fights for you.Consider your whole team down to 10% of their HP and boom there is a mek popped which eventually gains additional health and you team fights again with more power while enemy team is forced to either backout or lose the fight.So supports play an important role during team fight.Pick support if no one does,as most low MMR players eventually lose due to lack of support.Try to stack camps more frequently.

5. Jungler-: I don’t think this is a required position anyone should consider playing.People pick LC,WK,BS,Ursa an eventually move to jungle but it takes them almost 12–15 minutes to farm proper items out of jungle to leave jungle but the damage has been done till then.Most of the time you may lose offlane or mid due to lack of rotation as you have 1 support and he can’t mange to rotate the all 3 lanes.So only if you are enigma,Chen,Enchantress,NP then try getting in jungle as these players have a capability to gank and push depending upon levels.

6. Laning Phase-: If you are a pos 1 player then you must learn to Aggro creep wave and try to pull them towards your ranged creep and try to deny your ranged creep as it gives the max experience compared to other lane creeps.Try to pull neutral creeps and stop lane from pushing.Ask your support to stack for you and if the enemy offlaner is playing aggressive then maybe get a kill on him.Most importantly you must be aware about the map all the time.It’s likely that you may get ganked more frequently,so have a good look on the mini map for 1 sec in every 4 sec,it would help you get away from any attempted gank. Don’t try to go beyond your limits,if you find enemy heroes missing on the map,then try to refrain yourself from crossing river or going to no-vision area of jungle.Make sure your selection of items matches the game requirement.For instance,if you are playing juggernaut with an enemy mid say Shadow Fiend,then consider making Helm or Drums as they will help you push lanes faster and equalise the tower push because SF has aggressive and AOE spells and he could wipe creep waves in seconds,which will eventually lead to a pushed mid lane and you can’t do anything about it.So better you push your lane and equalise the tower trade.Don’t be a pussy and start farming Battle Fury just because you always make Battle Fury.You want to move to high MMR better play like one.

7. Midlaner-: So if you picked pos 2 for your team then make sure you are good enough as you may have to deny your creeps as well last hit on enemy creeps.So this position requires a lot of concentration and command over the hero you chose.Generally,it’s very difficult to get killed in 1v1 combat in mid unless you are being naive and you get out of position and make a wrong move.So try to stay attentive,place a ward if necessary and watch out for time zones as you are more likely to get ganked during night tie as heroes have reduced vision.Most of the gank takes place from the jungle side of the team so try staying to the opposite side.If you get smoke ganked in mid ask your support to help you in lane and stay there because if you get frequent ganks in mid then sooner you are going to get zine out and the enemy midlaner will start ganking other lanes with the advance level and it would create required space for enemy pos 1 hero.

So it may seem a tough job but this is the difference between 2k players to 3k player and 4k players.The right selection of heroes and roles along with laning stage.The real difference arises when you reach 5k pool after that small things like your hero placement during farm time,selection of targets during team fight,pathing,use of your utility item,Roshan kill,locking enemy cores and all small things matter.

If you want to get out of the 2k pool the above mention points will help you through.Rest depends upon your patience and zeal to get out.

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How to make it out of the 2k MMR pool,the cancerous pool.
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