Honeycutt, J. (James) David

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims

FiledInnovative Contracting LLC vs. Merit Service Solutions LLC, no addresses available.

Denis Reynolds and Rachel Quisenberry, Lakecrest Drive, vs. Lucinda Weisner, East County Road 500S.

Midland Funding LLC vs. Anthony Westbrook, Sycamore Street.

Oliver Tzeng, Indianapolis, vs. Myron Gibbs and Sommer Brendel, Pinewood Drive.

Justin D. and Vickie J. DeSpain, no address available, vs. Kathy DeSpain, Hartsville.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. Misty J. Wolfe, Lynwood Court; Donita J. Brady, North Gladstone Avenue; Carol N. Boas, West County Road 625S; William P. Brewer, Holton; Joseph A. Ison, North Marr Road; Dana M. Null, Hope; and Nichole Reeve, Fall Valley Drive.

Home Real Estate vs. David Hughes, Ninth Street.

Mary E. Schoonover, Hutchins Avenue, vs. Johnny B. Bowling, Maple Street.

Shadow Creek Homeowners Association vs. Sharon Streeval and Andrew C. Ford, Lake Stream Drive; and Jonathon M. Sayles, Rolling Knoll Lane.

Maxine Adair, no address available, vs. Jimmy and Joyce Adams, Taylorsville.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Anthony Browder and Susanna Durham, Lafayette Avenue.

Heritage Heights Mobile Home Park vs. Guillermo Hernandez and Raymond Esteras-Padilla, Harrison Drive; and Salvatore and Sherilee Vittaco, Glick Drive.

Mike Harris, Columbia Drive, vs. Kristy Bryant, Pearl Street.

Lawrence O. York, South County Road 300W, vs. Kyle Lee Tews, South County Road 300W.

Thomasson Thomasson Long & Guthrie vs. Nan Keeton, Greensburg.

Jennifer Green, North Nelson Ridge Road, vs. Kaye Coffman, West County Road 675W.

Dennis M. Stark, no address, vs. Mark. A. Conrad, Grandview Road.

Touchdown Machining Inc.-Don Owen, Mapleton Street, vs. Larry Hersley, Greensburg.

Lincoln Village Cooperative Inc. vs. Zipporah R. Isaacs, North Lincoln Village Drive.

Arbors at Waters Edge vs. April Moss and Brad A. Sample, North County Road 150W.

Quail Run Apartments vs. Brett Holbrook, Robert Drive.

Murle Dossett, no address available, vs. Jodi Foster and Joshua Baker, Hope.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. Cami N. Bass, Nashville; Barbara Gess, Nashville; Eric L. Johnson, Nashville; and David Ziegelbauer, Nashville.

Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., vs. Vickie D. Reynolds, 17th Street; Robin Bolton, Elizabethtown; and John C. Sadtler, West North Wood Lake Drive.

Equity Property Management vs. William and Valerie Getz, North Country Brook Court; Cody Lepper and Steven Buttz, North Country Brook Court; and Bradford Kenrick and Amanda Patton, North Country Brook Court.

Bloomfield Apartments vs. Amanda A. Hoover, Sims Court; and Christian Ceja and Lemuel Feliciano, Sims Court.

Stidham Realty LLC vs. Gina and Steven Stone, Camelot Lane.

Hope Veterinary Clinic vs. Ashley Fivecoat, Edinburgh; and Steffany and Doug Van Epps, Timber Ridge Court.

Housing Authority of Columbus vs. Kimberly Lopez, Pence Avenue.

C. Richard Marshall, no address available, vs. Terrance L. Ballard, McCordsville.

Northpark Community Credit Union vs. Lloyd G. King, 15th Street.

Vijay Narsinghani, Florence, Kentucky, and Tony Narsinghani, Lapwing Drive, vs. Chris and Veronica Mullins, 25th Street.

Heritage Heights Mobile Home Park vs. Jordan Caldwell, Tyler Drive.

Eagle Finance Co. vs. John P. Schoettmer and Sherry A. Knoll, Elizabethtown.

C&F Willowood LLC vs. Sara and Jackson Coe, Cardinal Lane.

Danny and Christopher James, Clifford, vs. Mike Abts, Union Street.

Jennifer and Douglas Richards, Magnolia Drive, vs. Skylar Sibley Concrete, Osgood.

Ernest Stone, Columbus, vs. Mark A. Lang, Hope.

Receivables Management Partners LLC vs. Robin L. Owen, South County Road 100W; David Walp, Hope; Vicky L. Wyatt, Nashville; Mark R. Phillips, Fox Trail Lane; Kathy Girdler, Hope; Katherine Frazier, Hope; and Jennifer Jeffries, State Road 58 South.

C & F Willowood LLC vs. Lisa Perkinson, Cardinal Lane.

Yes Companies Exp. Fred LLC, Candlelight Drive, vs. Jocelyne Ocampo, Scottland Drive; and James R. and Melody Ogle, Rosewood Lane.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. Amy K. Boston, Miami Drive; Maria Anna Zamora, Bonesteel Drive; Bridget A. Dailey, South County Road 500W; Timony Crouse, North Lost Lake Road; Jessica L. Crider, Edinburgh; Luz E. Jimenez, Cleveland Street; and Patricia Land, Hawcreek Avenue.

Canterbury House Apartments-Columbus vs. Angela N. Gilles and Jeffrey S. Honeycutt, Nicholas Lane.

Janet Caudill, West Georgetown Road, vs. Casey Underwood and Joseph Caudill, West Georgetown Road.

Flaherty & Collins, managing agent for owner of Cambridge Square Apartments, vs. Lindsay Gilley, Cambridge Square.

Atlas Collections Inc. vs. Mandy Brown, Fall Valley Drive.

Blairex Laboratories vs. Harris Teeter LLC, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Garth McDermid, Diane Drive East, vs. Jenny Hamilton, Diane Drive East.

Northpark Community Credit Union, Indianapolis, vs. Kattie Pennington, Pearl Street.

Donald Hinds, North Hickory Hill Drive, vs. Dilian Ozbun, Ninth Street.

John Emkes, Morgantown, vs. Columbus BP Marathon, Jasvia Singh.

Jason and Tammy Doty, Seymour, vs. Annette Goodwin, Waldron.

Cambridge Square Apartments vs. Krystal Nicholas, Cambridge Square.

Housing Partnerships vs. James Posey, Hutchins Avenue.

Source : http://www.therepublic.com/2018/09/02/court_news__september_2/

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