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Note to self: Stop texting Mark Wahlberg at 8 PM. He's out cold by then.

Wahlberg, 47, revealed this week his alarmingly rigid daily routine, posting his typical schedule on Instagram during a FAQ session.

Each day begins with a 2:30 AM wakeup, quickly followed by 30 minutes of prayer time. After that is breakfast at 3:15 before a workout, post-workout meal -- which is different from breakfast -- and a shower. By the time he hits the golf course or a 30-minute round, it's ... 7:30 AM.

The rest of the day includes family time, meetings, a second workout, picking up the kids from school and a cryo chamber recovery session. And no, a cryo chamber is not a closet in which you hide to privately cry, even though that's what this schedule makes us want to do.

By 7:30 PM, Wahlberg calls it a night. Can't blame him!

Although the grueling schedule perhaps sounds too wild to be true, the facts don't lie: Page Six confirmed last month that while Wahlberg was in Manhattan recently, a local gym had to open up at 3:45 AM to accommodate his routine. 

"He arrived at 3:45 a.m. and was extremely gracious to the staff for coming in early," the outlet reported. "He was giving hugs and fist bumps all around."

See Mark Wahlberg with his daughter:

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Fashion Week FAQ
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