FIFA 18: Derby County's 'Career Mode' Transfer Budget Higher Than Clubs Like Real Madrid And FC Barcelona

Our best hope of success is in the two Cups. I can’t see us challenging for the title, nor even getting in the top four for the next few years.

Nothing breeds success like success and that shower over the park would nearly always win one or the other cup, sometimes both of ’em, if they didn’t win the League Championship.

I agree with Paul (141.) You will not see Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, Man Utd, Spurs or Liverpool, poo poohing of getting to Wembley, even for a semi-final.

The writer of the original post appears to be saying that "my gang always lay out logical, well thought out evidence as to why our manager should go, whereas "the other gang" don’t use, reasoned argument, don’t ever present evidence and don’t make a case out for keeping our Manager; they just deride the nice reasoned arguments put forward by "my gang" for sacking the Manager.

I must be reading a different ToffeeWeb to him.

Comments like Brain Dead, Buffoon, Clown, Liar, Sheister, and more, have been used plenty of times to describe our Manager and I don’t think those comments come from those who believe Roberto Martinez should stay.

There are a number of posters, who never wanted to see Roberto as Manager and I think they have delighted, like some Cassandra’s, that their prophecies have turned out to be correct and have not used reasoned argument but invective as to why he should go.There are others who have set out their reasons for wanting to see Roberto being sacked.

Equally, there have been posts that set out the reasons why they believe Roberto Martinez should stay. I may have selective vision but I haven’t seen many posts from those who think RM should stay, who haven’t set out their reasons why they think he should stay.

I’m one of the ones who wanted to see Roberto get the job as our Manager. I was impressed by his desire to soak up all the traditions of our Club and espouse them at every opportunity he got...on the Telly, in the papers, attending functions like the lighting up of the Everton Beacon. I was also impressed by his desire to play attractive football and win.

For large parts of last season, he had me watching football that was actually "Exciting" and, dare I say it, though I have got tinnitus and may well have been hearing things, I heard people in the Upper Bullens round me, actually singing and joining in with "the School of |Science" refrain.

For the first time in years I saw our team take on the so called "Big boys" and frighten them to bits with good attractive football. So much so, the Pres were even beginning to focus on EFC in a positive manner.

I though his transfer dealing was a bit of a mixed bag in that first season. Taking Robles, Alcaraz and Kone from Wigan. Getting Lukaku, Deulofeu and Barry on Loan. I thought he did well in getting ٤ mill each for Anichebe and Jelavic.

I read on here how awful Robles was, yet after playing a few games he was called on here to replace Howard. He looks to be a decent goalie with a lot of time on his side. He might well become our first choice goalie.

Kone, he’s also been slagged yet when Roberto bought him, his scoring record with a poor team was better than any Everton player in the last season. He might or might not be the forward we want but I don’t think I’ve seen enough of him to judge seeing how long he’s been injured. This season should be the one where we see what he can/can’t do

Alcaraz? Well he’s played some decent games but some shockers too. Think there’s no doubt he’ll be on his way.

Barry, Lukaku, and Deulofeu were all successes and the only point I’d query is when we reinforced the squad by buying Barry and Lukaku. I thought that a 3-year deal for Barry was a bit too long; but I don’t know all the background.

I don’t accept that they weren’t additions to the squad; they were. We lost them both at the end of the season. That’s two players lost to the squad; but whatever, he bought them both, Lukaku was much to my surprise but delight as well.

So last season, to me was a really entertaining and successful one, and, like most others except the prophets of doom, were looking forward to this season. We’d got the highest points total ever and the most goals "I think" can’t remember now.

I did think though, that we hadn’t reinforced the squad as much as we needed to but what I haven’t mentioned is the Cash Question at EFC. We don’t know what the situation is but we can all make guesses, and I think we were in Micawber Territory before this last Sky deal. I think that’s why Martinez, like Moyes before him, kept hold of players, when, if we had some cash, he would have replaced.

This season, I think because we went so high, we felt the fall bigger. I think there are a number of reasons why it happened and I don’t see these as excuses, just reasons.

First, the loss of Deulofeu without an adequate replacement (some might say why didn’t he buy a replacement but my guess that the transfer pot was empty) Atsu turned out to be dud as did the feller we got on loan at the tail end of the season, who was about 6’-12".

I also think that there was bound to be a more aware set of opponents this season after some of the smackings we handed out. I think Roberto found it difficult to accept and then to alter his tactics to combat the opposition after they "found us out." I think it’s been a very hard learning curve for both him and the players.

Unfortunately, though, he had to try and adapt, while the list of injuries to key players was just awful. Yes all clubs get injuries but the richer teams can accept injuries much more effectively than us.

As well as the number, our injuries were to key players and they were out for considerable periods of the season. Barkley out until October/November from the start of the season. Pienaar, twatted by that bastard in the home match against Arsenal. Hardly seen again for the season. Lukaku, Mirallas, McCarthy, Coleman, Barry, Baines, Stones, Jagielka, Howard (though I thought Robles did well) McCarthy out for a lengthy period and at times we had 4-5 first teamers missing for weeks on end.

I think the different formations he tried we partially due to the number of injuries to our wingers, So Barkley, Naismith & Lukaku were tried on the wings at different times. Trying Alcatraz with Jagielka and Barry just in front of them. Successful against Newcastle, bit of a disaster at Kiev.

I had doubts about Roberto during January, February and on a couple of occasions since. But in my view "The Evidence" that the original poster says we never put down, is here. He has made mistakes; I think he is learning form them. The team (or some members) are just not fast enough in the mind to play the fast passing game. Hopefully they will learn with practice but most of all to me, is what we do during the close season. This I think, Roberto has to get right but certainly deserves the chance to do so.

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