Dota 2 Patch 6.88 Evens Out The Rough Edges After The Manila Major

It looks like Icefrog and the folks at Valve weren’t perfectly happy with the balance of heroes at the Manila Major, so they saw it fit to drop Patch 6.88 about a day after the big tournament ended.

The patch doesn’t contain huge changes like those we saw in Patch 6.87, but it does some work in ensuring that ESL Frankfurt – which starts Friday, by the way – is as balanced as possible. To that end, they’ve left some of the most popular picks alone (Lifestealer, Invoker, Slark, Beastmaster, etc.), while buffing the likes of Omniknight, Brewmaster, and Phantom Assassin to bring them to the level of some of the most powerful heroes in the game.

But the biggest change here, though, isn’t one of the heroes. It’s an item. Specifically, Hurrican Pike. With 10 more units added to its attack range buff, plus an active that buffs its user’s attack speed by 100 for the next 4 attacks, it’s going to be one of the best items in the game for ranged right-clickers from this patch forward. Check out the full patch notes right here.

What do you guys think? Will ESL Frankfurt be the most balanced tournament Dota has seen? Be sure to keep your eye on Yahoo Esports for more.

Taylor Cocke is happy to see some more smaller patches out of Valve for Dota 2, as his puny mind can’t comprehend the huge, ridiculous ones that typically drop. Follow him on Twitter @taylorcocke.

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Dota 2 Patch 6.88 evens out the rough edges after the Manila Major
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