Death Wish: The Most Brutal Reviews

The new remake of Death Wish, directed by torture porn auteur Eli Roth, is a loathsome, tone-deaf, moral monstrosity, and possibly the worst-timed movie release ever. But you knew that already. What’s surprising is how inept it is, and what a wooden, subpar performance from its normally reliable leading man ... Willis’ performance may go down as the worst of his career. This is his first starring role in almost five years, as he’s been mostly toiling in direct-to-DVD fare the last few years, and to say he’s lost a step is an understatement. He practically sleepwalks, emotes poorly, tanks his major monologues, and spends most of the film looking tired and out of breath. -- 

Splice Today

Preying on a hurting city might be forgiven if the movie was any good. But Willis, who was once a formidable action star, is performing “Die Hard With an Ambien” as he exhibits zero emotion and mutters under his breath like an accountant who’s upset with his boss. -- 

New York Post

Death Wish lacks anything unique at all, except perhaps the degree to which it feels so spectacularly, catastrophically ill-conceived and yet bereft of any personality or anything distinctive, a tepid remake of an already dubiously executed movie that inexplicably doesn’t even double-down on those elements that would best antagonize its critics to make for something, well, if not gleefully irresponsible, at the very least memorable ... Willis is distractingly unresponsive, doing the movie no favors as he lumbers through each scene as if in search of nothing more satisfying than the warmth of his trailer, and possibly a day’s paycheck. -- 

Bloody Disgusting

More than just a feature-length commercial for the NRA, Death Wish is such a masturbatory fantasy for modern conservatives because it suggests that every do-gooder Democrat is really just a Republican waiting to happen ... Played by Bruce Willis (whose catatonic performance suggests that he was only paid enough to afford two facial expressions)... -- >IndieWire

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Death Wish: The Most Brutal Reviews
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