Deadly ‘swatting’ Hoaxes And The Dangerous Conditioning Of Cops

That man was 28-year-old Andrew Finch. He was killed. He leaves behind two young children.

Finch was innocent and unarmed. Here’s some relevant commentary from defense attorney Scott Greenfield:

“There’s body cam video of the shooting, but the cops were a good distance away from Finch and the video provides little insight. You can hear a cop yell “show your hands, walk this way.” To the cop, who knows why he’s taking charge, his commands make sense. To a good guy, who couldn’t possibly conceive of why a distant cop was yelling at him, it makes no sense.

There is a good chance he wasn’t sure they were yelling at him, and he was looking around to see who else they might be screaming at. The idea that police would command him to “show his hands,” not the clearest phrase to a good guy to begin with, must have seemed absurd. Why would a cop tell him to show his hands? He was in his home, with his family, having an ordinary evening.”

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