Candy Crush Saga May Finally Have Peaked… But You’ll Hate What Replaces It Even More

Good news, Candy Crush haters: King’s flagship game may have finally peaked and is trending downward in value. The bad news: You’ll probably hate the next smash-hit mobile game even more. >Business Insider points us to a new research note released by Deutsche Bank this week that downgraded King because the company’s top game has seemingly lost its mojo to Kim Kardashian’s godawful game, called Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

FROM EARLIER: Bestselling author fumes after her son blows $120 on the Kim Kardashian app in just 2 days.

“Despite a relatively stable network size, the company saw a geographic user shift away from the US towards lower monetizing regions,” Deutsche Bank writes. “The number of paying users fell 12% Q/Q to 10.4M in 2Q from 11.9M in 1Q, though increased MGABPPU [Monthly Gross Average Bookings per Paying User] helped offset some of this decline. Competition within casual gaming is intense, with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and 2048 going after the same demographics.”

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has proven to be a wildly addictive game that lets you spend real money to improve your chances of getting famous through buying new digital clothes, hairstyles and more. Many parents have been fuming after their kids have racked up big in-app purchase bills but >Business Insider notes that Kardashian says that parents just need to be responsible for what their kids do on their phones and that it’s not her fault if your kids decide to blow hundreds of dollars buying virtual fishnet stockings for their avatars.

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Candy Crush Saga may finally have peaked… but you’ll hate what replaces it even more
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