BlackBerry DTEK50 And DTEK60 Updated With The February Security Patch For Spectre And Meltdown

BlackBerry has never been a true hardware company even though it did launch a wide range of phones for many years. The Canadian company continues to be recognized for its expertise in the software communications solutions, due to offering some of the safest such solutions on the market.

With the launch of DTEK50, BlackBerry has opened another chapter in its long-term existence, as the company has pledged to start outsourcing the production of its smartphones to third parties.

The DTEK50 is the result of the collaboration between Alcatel and BlackBerry, just like the more recent DTEK60. Both smartphones were unveiled this year, but for the time being, only the former is available for purchase.

If for whatever reason, you're still loyal to BlackBerry and can't decide which of the two smartphones to take for a spin, we've put their specs sheets side-by-side for a better insight in what they have to offer in terms of specs.

It's worth noting that these phones are quite different in terms of specs, but not so much when it comes to design. But that doesn't come as a surprise since they were both manufactured by Alcatel.

BlackBerry smartphones> BlackBerry smartphones

One other aspect that we should point out is the price of these BlackBerry smartphones. Since the DTEK50 was released on the market >about three months ago

, its price dropped to around £275 (€305 / $335), whereas the DTEK60 that should hit shelves in early November costs £475 (€580 / $500),

Also, there's the matter of hardware that each of these devices are housing under the hood, so that's something to take into consideration too.

Software-wise, both smartphones ship with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system right out of the box, but the problem is BlackBerry has yet to make any comments on the matter of Android 7.0 Nougat updates for either of the two devices.

However, if it were to choose between the two, BlackBerry would surely provide the Nougat update for the DTEK60 rather than its older brother. Long story short, you had better check the full specs sheet of both DTEK series phone that we've put together below. Also, for more in-depth details you can read our full >BlackBerry DTEK50 review


Specifications table
Dimensions 147 x 72.5 x 7.4 mm

5.79 x 2.85 x 0.29 in

153.9 x 75.4 x 7 mm

6.06 x 2.97 x 0.28 in

Weight 135 grams / 4.76 oz 165 grams / 5.82 oz
Display 5.2" FHD (1080x1920), IPS LCD


Scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating

5.5" Quad HD (2560x1440), AMOLED


Scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating

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