Bishop's Better? Stars Need Their Goaltending Hope To Come Through When It's Playoff Time

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I’ve been one of the more patient and positive Flyers fans out there, particularly this season. I was one of the few who felt this team was still capable of making the playoffs during their 10 game losing streak. Overall, I’ve been on board with how Ron Hextall has handled the organization since taking over as general manager in the summer of 2013. But given the debacle that has unfolded before us over the past week, I think it’s time this organization is put on blast by one of its more patient and rational followers.

Coaching has been a problem

Earlier this calendar year I wrote about the issues I’ve had with Dave Hakstol during his tenure as the head coach of this organization. Watching this playoff series unravel has only strengthened my opinion. This coaching staff needs to be wiped clean. Taken apart. Scrapped. Hakstol has coached here for three years now, Gord Murphy and Ian Laperriere each a year longer.

Craig Berube was the bench boss before Hakstol. I bring him up in this discussion because the coaching staff is largely the same as it was under Berube. From the 2013-14 season until now, the Flyers have made the playoffs every other year. I’ve seen many fans clamor about how the stars on this team have not produced in the playoffs over that span of time. For reference sake, here are some adjusted 5v5 statistics to shed some light on the team in the years the Flyers made the playoffs over this five year period:

Flyers Team-Level Metrics In Most Recent Playoff Seasons

Metric (5v5, Adjusted) 2013-14 2015-16 2017-18
Metric (5v5, Adjusted) 2013-14 2015-16 2017-18
Corsi-For % 49.8% (18th) 50.25% (16th) 49.9% (18th)
Expected Goals For % 49.5% (18th) 49.0% (20th) 50.7% (15th)
Goals-For % 48.5% (19th) 49.9% (15th) 52.5% (12th)
Shooting % 8.4% (11th) 7.4% (22nd) 8.4% (11th)
Save % 91.7% (19th) 92.9% (2nd) 92.0% (12th)

Source :

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