Billy Corgan Brings His Tinfoil Hat To Alex Jones And Takes Down The Social Justice Warriors

We were talking about social justice warriors, who, I fall down to their level because they’re so hateful, they’re so dumbed down, but they are victims brought up by this culture. Either young people are super awake or they’re super dumbed down. The statistics show lower IQs, lower brain activity, near-trance state — that’s mainstream news. We were talking about that, but still, when they’re spitting in your face, attacking your reporters, who are really real liberals, like Rob Dew and people — I mean, these are real liberals who really love everybody, really care about everybody, really care about free speech, really care about open elections, and there’s little arrogant 20-year-olds spitting in their faces screaming at ’em, ‘You hate me ’cause I’m a tranny,’ and it’s just this made-up thing in their head when we don’t hate them — I mean–how do you transcend this? Because I, personally, just get mad and want to punch them in the nose.

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