BBC Bans All White Shortlists For Top Jobs In Drive To Boost Careers Of Ethnic Minority Staff

No. 63, ajfpalmer:

First, let me assure you I personally fail to see the connection between the death of Mark Duggan as he was being taken into custody in a complex police operation and the ensuing destruction of public infrastructure and private property all across England by rampaging mobs of criminals of all ages.

However, since the BBC programming producers keep insisting on bringing on commentators who introduce the "poor Mark Duggan, he had four children" theme into discussions of anarchy, I feel it is appropriate to call the same producers to account for failing to name MD's profession.

He was not a plumber; he was not a teacher; he was not a journalist; he was not a firefighter; he was not an artist; he was not a minister; he was not a chef. Were he in any of those lines of work, or any of a hundred others, he would not have met his end in the way that he did on the day that he did.

It is in fact a deception being practiced upon the public by those members of the press who have failed to identify Mark Duggan's occupation at the time of his death to suggest, by omitting this salient fact, that somehow an upstanding citizen of Tottenham was murdered by racist police in broad daylight, while riding in a minicab. Because, frankly, that has been the precise impression that the reports I have read, on this website of the BBC, and in The Guardian (for example), and even in the Times -- not to mention heard on broadcasts -- create through their insinuations. Even the IPCC report, by skipping over altogether the reasons why the police were arresting Mark Duggan, and glossing over the fact that in the UK certainly it is not the norm for average residents of the city to walk about armed (unless they are on their way to rob someone, at minimum), has added fuel to the fire by floating these tantalising phrases: "There is no evidence that the non-police issue handgun at the scene had been fired..." What was a handgun doing at the scene? I have lived 54 years on this earth, mostly in the United States where private citizens amass veritable arsenals in their homes: I have never held a handgun, nor indeed touched one; neither have I ever held, or seen, any category of narcotics. I suspect that it would be impossible for someone to find a "non-police issue handgun" in my vicinity if the police were ever to stop a minicab of which I was a passenger! Much less a loaded one!

The premise that has been floated about from the start of the mayhem (and interestingly the BBC also omitted the detail that a teenage girl hurled an actual champagne bottle at a police officer, causing injury: a matter that can be readily ascertained on YouTube, although apparently never checked by BBC reporters and researchers) has been that a "peaceful protest" (throwing champagne bottles and even bringing said blunt objects to a raucous gathering belies the "peaceful" intent of such "protest") somehow -- due no doubt to the callous indifference of "callous police who disrespect the community" -- "naturally" escalated into a riot in which massive amounts of arson not to mention other types of criminal savagery took place. (Clearly, some other people had also brought bottles with them, and apparently had had the foresight to fill those bottles with petrol, instead of champagne. It is not possible, after all, to torch a double-decker bus simply by tossing in your cigarette lighter.)

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