Apple Is Allegedly Working On A Foldable IPhone With LG To Prevent Samsung From Stealing Its Design

According to The Bell on Oct. 11, LG Display recently created a task force to develop a foldable OLED screen for the new iPhone model, while its parts-making sister firm LG Innotek has also setup a team dedicated to developing the rigid flexible printed circuit board, more widely called RFPCB.

Sources say that panel production could start from 2020, meaning that Apple would launch its device after Samsung's first foldable phone which could debut next year.

LG reportedly developed a foldable OLED panel prototype two to three years ago and has been upgrading the durability and yield rate since then.

Currently, Samsung has a near monopoly in mobile OLED panel production and is the exclusive supplier for the iPhone X. It will likely remain the sole supplier next year as well; however, Apple is rumored to be investing $2.7 billion in LG Display's OLED production line. The funds would be given to LG as an advance payment for future panel supplies.

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Apple is Allegedly Working on a Foldable iPhone With LG to Prevent Samsung From Stealing Its Design>

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Apple is Allegedly Working on a Foldable iPhone With LG to Prevent Samsung From Stealing Its Design
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