Apple And Samsung Fight Over What Made The IPhone 'revolutionary'

MacDailyNews Take: You know, because Apple’s iPhone X is doomed because it’s “too expensive.”


Nikkei: Apple warns suppliers of 20% drop in new iPhone parts orders – June 8, 2018

First quarter U.S. smartphone sales declined 11% YOY, Apple iPhone sales grew a record 16% YOY – May 22, 2018

Apple’s iPhone X remained the world’s best-selling smartphone in March – May 18, 2018

Apple sells an iPhone X every three seconds in Europe – May 9, 2018

Canalys: Apple’s iPhone X was Europe’s No.1 smartphone in Q1 – May 9, 2018

Strategy Analytics: Apple’s iPhone X the world’s best-selling smartphone model in Q1 2018 – May 4, 2018

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Apple beats Street with best Q2 ever – May 1, 2018

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Apple’s iPhone X to be discontinued this year, analyst claims – April 20, 2018

Morgan Stanley: Apple stock may fall on ‘materially’ weaker iPhone sales – April 20, 2018

Apple’s iPhone X made 5 times the profit of 600 Android OEMs combined – April 18, 2018

Apple’s iPhone captured 86% of global handset profits in Q417; iPhone X alone took 35% of global handset profits – April 17, 2018

Bernstein: Ams AG is biggest winner in Apple’s TrueDepth Camera system – April 10, 2018

Apple’s iPhone X is the UK’s most popular smartphone – April 9, 2018

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Ignore the iPhone X naysayers – March 10, 2018

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Apple stock tumbles on one poorly-sourced report of low iPhone X demand – December 26, 2017

Apple and suppliers shares drop on report of weak iPhone X demand – December 26, 2017

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