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The NFL may have intended for its Wednesday announcement of a new national anthem policy to appease both sides of a long-politically charged debate or at least slip quietly into the midweek news cycle, but that didn't happen in the slightest on social media.

While most team owners, save for the San Francisco 49ers' Jed York and the several who accompanied NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to Wednesday's press conference revealing the policy, have kept quiet about the rule changes, many fans, reporters and former players have not.

The policy announcement, which comes just a day after the NFL finalized a $90-million social activism pact that stemmed from player protests in 2017, requires that players now stand and "show respect" during the singing or playing of pregame national anthems -- or stay off the field so as not to incur a league-imposed fine for their team. And the opinions on everything from its timing and implementation to its reasoning and effectiveness are divided, with one team chairman, the New York Jets' Christopher Johnson, already offering to pay for any fines his players receive.

Here's a roundup of all the top tweets on the NFL's new policy:

For former NFL quarterback Sage Rosenfels, who echoed many of the same thoughts shared by the dozens of players who peacefully protested in 2017, the problems with the new rules are aplenty.

The answer to this kneeling issue is to leave teams in the locker room. We were always in the locker room during the anthem before 2009 with the exception of a MNF game the week after 9/11 in Green Bay.

Nobody had an issue that they weren’t out on the field for it before 2009.

— Sage Rosenfels (@SageRosenfels18) May 23, 2018

I hope the NFL decides to completely stop all concession stand sales during the anthem as well. We wouldn’t want people buying a $10 beer and an $8 hot dog during our sacred anthem.

All TV camera crews must stop filming and direct attention at the flag too.

Just seems fair.

— Sage Rosenfels (@SageRosenfels18) May 23, 2018

I love America. I appreciate the sacrifices men and women have made, and continue to make, for me and my family’s safety. Our military is what protects our democracy, our ideals, and our constitution.

Peaceful protests are extremely important for us to remain a free country.

— Sage Rosenfels (@SageRosenfels18) May 23, 2018

Is there some sort of rule book on all the exact details of what we as Americans are supposed to do during the anthem? I’d like to know so I can follow all of these rules and not be disrespectful to anybody.

I’m guessing I have to toss my Stars and Stripes swim trunks too.

— Sage Rosenfels (@SageRosenfels18) May 23, 2018

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