‘Collateral’ Trailer: Carey Mulligan Is A Pregnant Detective In Political Thriller From ‘The Hours’ Writer David Hare

After a string of successful period dramas like “The Great Gatsby,” “Inside Llewyn Davis,” and most recently “Mudbound,” Carey Mulligan was ready for something contemporary. “I wanted to play a character who is alive right now, not 100 years ago,” Mulligan said of her latest television project, a four-part series for the BBC titled “Collateral.” Written by renowned playwright and David Hare (who penned the script for “The Hours”), “Collateral” is a fast-paced political thriller that takes place over four days.

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Mulligan plays Kip Glaspie, a practical and ambitious detective who has no qualms breaking rules to get the job done. Set around the fatal shooting of a pizza delivery man, “Collateral” follows the repercussions of one murder. Naturally, the series features performances from plenty of top English actors, including “Doctor Who” stars John Simm and Billie Piper.

Hare approached Mulligan about the series while the actress was starring in his West End play, “Skylight.” She was interested, but told him she was six weeks pregnant.

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“He was totally happy and said he didn’t see why Kip couldn’t be pregnant,” Mulligan told the BBC. “He barely changed a thing and only added two references to the pregnancy in the entire show. We just put a bump in and got on with it and as my real bump grew we just took away the fake bump. I love that because pregnant women don’t go around all day clutching their bellies, they are working women and they just get on with it.”

Watch the trailer for “Collateral” below.

“Collateral” premieres February 12 on BBC Two.  

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‘Collateral’ Trailer: Carey Mulligan Is a Pregnant Detective in Political Thriller From ‘The Hours’ Writer David Hare
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