Shannon Sharpe on GSW: ‘When you’ve got 2 of the 5 best players in the NBA what do you got to fear?’

- Be fine. Steve, let me coach. Hell, you let Andre Iguodala coach, let me get some of that against the Suns. Skip, they're going to be fine. They got 10 games against the Suns, the Hawks, the Kings, the Nets, and the Knicks. Did that strike you?

Cris Carter message to Snacks Harrison: ‘The most talented WR we’ve ever seen is Randy Moss’

- A friend of the show, snap. I mean, poor Snacks. And also, you have to understand the relationship that Harrison has with Odell. He's a big brother to him. They are very, very good friends. Odell is very, very talented, and definitely one of the most ...