The Duke, Original Xbox Controller

MASSIVE HANDED PEOPLE rejoice as Microsoft is bringing back its thick and chunky original Xbox ‘Duke' controller for the Xbox One.

The OG controller was known for one thing and one thing only: its hefty size.

Unless you had hands the size of plates the Duke controller almost felt like something you use to control a tanker, not glide the Master Chief around Halo.

In fact, the controller, while usable, was almost comically large, so Microsoft ended up releasing an 'S' version, which gave the Duke liposuction and trimmed it down to fit more comfortably in the hands of the average human rather than an ogre. This controller became the de facto one for subsequent versions of the original Xbox.

But presumably suffering from the January blues and looking for a laugh, Microsoft has greenlit retro peripherals maker Hyperkin to bring back the Duke controller… a price of $69.99, around £50.

Slated for an end-of-March release, according to CNET, the ‘you fat bastard' of the controller world will probably have some appeal to people who get high on nostalgia.

Yet others may be asking 'what the hell's the point?' The Xbox S controller paved the way for the Xbox 360 gamepad, which was widely regarded to be one of the best around, thanks to slick ergonomics - the only let down was the woeful D-pad.

With the Xbox One controller, Microsoft evolved the 360 controller to create one of the most comfortable and swish gamepads around. So stepping back to an enormous ungainly controller after that seems a retrograde step and flies in the face of the innovation Microsoft has tried to push for the Xbox platform, lately with the Xbox One X.

Still, Hyperkin is known for its ability to produce retro devices with a modern twist; it's remaking the original Nintendo Game Boy. So we'll just have to wait and see what it does with the original Xbox controller. µ

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