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Chidge and the boys report on a rather tired and dozy Chelsea performance as they made hard work of beating a determined Wolves side, as well as the weekly 'fannies`; a classic terrace song or three; Dear Mart and You`re on CFFC!

Too much moaning on the show early doors, as we discuss the game and then realize that we actually won, got the three points and have yet to concede a goal at the Bridge in the league all season. So we`re not complaining...honest!

A remarkably inept performance from the otherwise brilliant Drogs (so bad it was funny!) is blamed on his rather strange pink boots. Meanwhile two excellent goals are applauded even though Chidge missed the first one being too busy hurling abuse at Stamford Bridge`s Public Enemy Number 1 - Stephen ***t - a nasty little hobbit if ever there was one!

In the 'Fannies`, many contenders including a great come back by Boswinga, Kalou`s goal, Josh`s last ditch tackle; "Down with the Scousers" and both Chidge and Drogba get Celery moment nominations, one of them for yawning after Kalou`s goal...

We have not one, not two, but three classic old Shed songs in 'we`re out show the world the way to sing', and in 'Dear Mart', questions on law changes to the game; a double or treble this season; abusing glory hunters and non-believers; moving from the Bridge and Drogba`s potential understudy are all answered.

And as always Chidge reads out the best of your posts in 'You`re on CFFC'.

The Chelsea Football FanCast: Didi? No he didn`t!

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Get The Latest Chelsea Football Fancast


Get The Latest Chelsea Football Fancast