Oscars: 'Get Out,' 'Shape of Water' and More Writers Reveal On-Set Tweaks That Transformed Their Movies

Adapted and original screenplay nominees share how the words they put on the page were brought to life during production (thanks to some talented actors). Gordon: "At one point, our script had a long stretch of time where Kumail and Emily's parents were ...

2018 BAFTA Awards backstage: Alexandre Desplat (‘The Shape of Water’) on scoring an impossible love story

The first of the three BAFTA Awards won by “The Shape of Water” went to composer Alexandre Desplat for his original score; the film also won Best Director (Guillermo del Toro) and Best Production Design. This marked the third win for the French ...

2018 Oscars guild awards scorecard: ‘Dunkirk’ wins at 4 of 10, ‘The Shape of Water’ at 3

Of the nine Oscar nominees for Best Picture, “Dunkirk” is faring best with the guild awards. It has won with four of the 10 to date (casting directors, film editors, sound editors and visual effects wizards). It is in contention at two of the remaining ...

BAFTA Awards: ‘Three Billboards’ Stuns ‘Shape Of Water’ But Does This Mean Oscar Is Next? – Hammond Analysis

momentum, especially after his snub by the Academy’s directors branch. (And that may not matter much since the BAFTA directorial win for Guillermo Del Toro for Shape all but cements an Oscar win in that category as well, as if it needed more concrete).

‘The Shape of Water’ Director Guillermo del Toro Shares the Secret to Perfect Casting (Exclusive Video)

For director Guillermo del Toro, the key to a movie is the actors, and the key to the actors is their eyes. “When I cast a movie, I cast eyes,” the Oscar-nominated director of “The Shape of Water” says in an exclusive video clip premiering at TheWrap.